’s Studio Job Marketplace with web-based production solutions goes online!

Over the past two years, has established new ways for musicians and producers to make contact, network and produce together with its worldwide community and the DM- Link and DM-Messenger plug-ins.

The new online Studio Job Marketplace now adds an essential tool to the roster and offers Digital Musician members a unique business model for paid work and producers a time saving opportunity to access a worldwide pool of session musicians! The platform even provides secure handling of the production and payment procedures.

If someone has a Studio Job to offer, they create a public project on the DM website with a description of the job, e.g. ‘drums’, and the available budget. The project initiator defines all of the production’s modalities. All DM members that have entered, in this case, ‘drums’ into their profile, will then receive a message informing them that a job fits their profile. Producer and musician can also automatically negotiate fees together using the DM Message System.

The Studio Job is then subsequently processed using the free of charge DM-Recorder software. As soon as a musician has completed the job, the performance can be previewed using one of the software’s many utilities and instantly offered for sale. The producer can pre- listen to the track as a low quality MP3 and start the purchase process if happy. The fee is then paid to the musician via PayPal.

Once the payment process is completed, the producer can download the full-quality track and use it straight away.

The new service and the DM-Recorder software 1.0 are available with immediate effect to all users free of charge in the website’s community area.