Digital Vintage Reverb Comes to TC's PowerCore

TC Electronic announces another high-end reverb from System 6000 that will be available for DAW users with PowerCore. DVR2 is a Digital Vintage Reverb, which adds spaciousness and degrees modulation to the mix.
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The vintage reset function produces a sound very close to a well preserved EMT250 according to the company, which is still widely used on lead vocals in studios around the world. Years of research have been put into recreating the EMT250 reverb, which makes the DVR2 perfect for situations where the sound of the reverb itself is part of the mix. It also emulates the EMT250 in the way parameters interact for different settings. The high resolution parameters allow for lower noise, extension of bandwidth, and control of the amount of chorusing.

DVR2 comes with a comprehensive set of customizable presets, focus fields for tweaking and navigation, and a built-in preset converter allowing seamless import of DVR2 presets from System 6000. The new PowerCore plug-in and can be used with any VST, AU or RTAS compatible audio system (RTAS is supported via the VST to RTAS adapter from FXpansion (optional). More info on

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