Digital Performer 4.6 Upgrade Now Available

MOTU has posted a free Version 4.6 upgrade to their Digital Performer audio workstation software with MIDI sequencing. Digital Performer 4.5 users can download Version 4.6 from the MOTU web site and begin using it immediately under Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or 10.4 (Tiger). New feature highlights include: Pitch automation - DP''s new pitch automation features make quick work of correcting audio pitch, transposing individual notes and even wholesale key and mode transposition of entire audio tracks. Users can grab DP''s pencil tool or use the familiar Transpose command. Another audio sequencing first. V-Racks - The new V-Rack feature lets users load plug-ins and virtual instruments once and then access them from all sequences in their project, so that they conserve CPU power and don''t have to manage multiple instances of the same plug-in with the same settings. Pattern Gate Plug-in The new Pattern Gate plug-in adds driving, pulsating grooves to a