Devon Allman On Heritage

“I always gravitated towards the sound of the guitar. I didn’t start playing it to separate myself from my father’s keyboard playing—although, at first, I tried to find a path that took me far away from anything that sounded remotely like his style or sound. But everything I tried had the overtones of my heritage.

Jamming blues and soul music is effortless for me, but I was forcing it to be harder, heavier, and faster. Last January, I finally realized that I was trying so hard to not sound like where I come from that I was really in denial, and that was preventing my music from flowing naturally. I woke up at 5 a.m. and had an epiphany that I am who I am, and I if sound like my Dad when I sing, that’s because I am his son. By noon, I had broken up my hard rock band and called up the players to start Honeytribe—which is basically a high-octane blues band. I quit thinking about my past, and trusted the flow instead of fighting it.”