Demonizer and Womanizer Tube Preamp Pedals Now Shipping

Damage Control has announced the availability of the Demonizer and Womanizer Class A Distortion Preamps with first shipments made to Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, the UK and the US.

The Demonizer is a tube distortion preamp with opto-compression and pre/post EQ. Armed with a double-barreled 12AX7 preamp design, the Demonizer allows users to draw from a wide range of tones. The Demonizer's analog preamp was designed to react like a tube amp's combined preamp and power amp sections. By controlling knobs that shape amplitude and frequency, the Demonizer's Bionic EQ allows tone shaping in both the Pre and Post tube stages. The Demonizer also features a magic-eye meter that reacts to your performance levels.

The Womanizer embodies a broad range of tones coveted by generations of classic rock guitarists. With pure Class A Distortion powered by cascading tube gain-stage circuits, the dual 12AX7 topology is bursting at the seams with an unbridled range of tone. Like the Demonizer, the Womanizer is also equipped with analog Opto-compression, pre/post EQ, and magic eye biofeedback meter.

Demonizer and Womanizer both feature dual 12AX7's, true switch bypass, direct recording out, high voltage output for true amp level tube biasing, and much more. For more information, visit their web site at