Demeter FOD-1

By combining its venerable Midboost and new Overdrive circuits, Demeter has created the Fat Overdriveulator or FOD-1 ($379 retail/ street price N/A). Featuring a sweet looking candy red paint job (custom paint jobs are also available), the FOD-1 packs Fat, Gain, Volume, and Tone controls; a Loose/Tight switch, a side-mounted trimpot for adjusting the amount of volume boost, a 1/8" jack for an AC adapter (not included), and two metal footswitches—one for bypass and the other for engaging the Fat circuit, which allows you to dial up to a full 12dB of lard-ass boost. Using the Tight/Loose mini toggle, you can configure the overdrive circuit for either silicon (Tight) or germanium (Loose). The response is punchier and brighter in Tight mode, while the Loose position provides a noticeably softer distortion sound that’s more dynamically responsive and cleans up very nicely when you turn down your guitar.
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The FOD-1 has lots of output and can deliver it even at very low Gain settings. This pedal provides everything from vintage fuzz-type sounds to furious distortion textures that are vaguely reminiscent of the high-gain channel on Demeter’s own TGA-3 amplifier. The Tone control is the key to getting the most out of the FOD-1, as it has abundant range and can move the tones from densely round and womanly to supermodel skinny (thankfully without losing the bottom) in a quick twist. The dual footswitches make it easy to configure a grinding rhythm tone and then click into Fat mode for a scorching overdrive sound. The pedal responds well to changes in guitar volume, making both modes very useable for cleaner textures when you turn down.

Kudos: Tons of gain and output. Excellent dynamic response. Like having two pedals in one.

Concerns: Mini-jack for AC adapter is inconvenient.

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