Deke Dickerson

Deke’s Guitar Geek Festival

Deke Dickerson is doing God’s work with this DVD. Because, while paying tribute to masters such as the Ventures, Joe Maphis, and Jimmy Bryant, he’s also highlighting some amazing current players as well. Shot at Anaheim’s legendary rockabilly haunt, the Doll Hut, the festival lineup includes Travis-picker extraordinaire and rockabilly legend Gary Lambert, possibly the only person on earth who is a master of the Joe Maphis guitar style, Brian Lonbeck (nobody plays like that anymore), and a tribute to Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant, ably handled by guitarist TK Smith and steel player Jeremy Wakefield. Of course the Guitar Geek host himself, Dickerson, takes the stage with his tribute to the Ventures (Venturesmania), in addition to his own band. There’s a definite homemade vibe to the video, and I suspect that the sound is being captured via the camera’s onboard microphone. But you know what? I don’t care—and neither should you. All of the performances kick major ass, the players are astounding (special mentions must go out to Lonbeck, Wakefield, and Smith), and the preponderance of hillbilly-approved doubleneck guitars makes for a killer grand finale. Thanks, Deke. Major Label Video. —Darrin Fox