Decimators – Not Just For the Guitar Player!

Bass Guitar Legend Billy Sheehan recently contacted ISP Technologies to inquire about our Decimator Noise Reduction Pedal and Decimator ProRackG. Would they work as well for the bassist as they would for the guitarist was the question. The answer? A resounding “YES!” The Decimator design offers a novel approach to tracking the envelope of the input signal called Time Vector Processing.
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Due to this novel approach in controlling the expander, the Decimator system will instantly respond to short staccato notes and, at the same time, will provide a very slow ripple free control of long sustained notes. This makes the Decimator noise reduction system the most transparent and highest performance noise reduction system available.

Billy had to check it out for himself. After using the Decimator, Billy verified that this was the best noise reduction he had ever used and decided to become an endorser for the Decimator Noise Reduction products. ISP Technologies is happy to have Billy on board and hopes that more bassists will follow Billy’s lead and check out the Decimator!

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