Dean DeLeo’s juicy power Chords

Who says you can’t play extended chords with tons of distortion? Eddie Van Halen, that’s who. (“You start dickin’ with 7ths and 9ths through a blazing Marshall, and it will sound like crap,” he told GP in April 1980.) Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, as Dean DeLeo and the Stone Temple Pilots proved with their mid-’90s radio smash, “Interstate Love Song.” (The progression below shows you most of the grips the tune’s main section requires.) “It has to do with finding the sweet spot on your amp where you have saturation, but not over-saturation,” says DeLeo, who often simultaneously runs a second amp crystal clean that the mix engineer can blend in as needed for added clarity. “It also involves how hard you attack the strings, and how close to the bridge you pick.”
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