Dan Erlewines Mod Squad(2)

It’s springtime, and baseball season is in full swing. Speaking of full swings, this month, Jonah Powell stepped up to the plate and blasted a home run for the Mod Squad by modifying his 2002 Mexican-made Fender Fat Strat. Jonah replaced the volume control with a push-pull pot to provide bridge-pickup selection options previously unattainable with the factory-wired bridge humbucker.
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“I got this Strat in trade for some work I did, and while it’s a reasonably good guitar, I found it to be tonally limited,” explains Jonah. “I wasn’t in love with having a bridge humbucker enough to give up the single-coil bridge pickup sound of a Strat. By exchanging the volume pot for a push-pull pot, I was able to keep the fat humbucker sound, and also get the single-coil tone I was missing. Now I can go from humbucker to single-coil at will, combine the humbucker with the middle pickup, or use the single-coil alone.”