Damage Control TimeLine

With its 96kHz processing and pair of 12AX7 tubes, the TimeLine ($559 retail $399 street) provides a wealth of studio-quality, programmable delay variations (slap, reverse, etc.), and modulation effects such as chorus, flange, and vibrato. Eight presets are accessible using the two footswitches and the 12-position rotary control.
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MIDI implementation allows up to 1,280 presets, as well as the ability to sync to external sources or use of a remote controller pedal. Combining modulation with long delays created some cool Deluxe Memory Man effects, and setting up runaway repeats in Slap mode yielded excellent sci-fi madness. Holding the Tap Tempo button down while playing staccato notes sets the delay time, or you can tap it in. The 20-second looper is easy to use, but offers no reverse or half-time controls. The Grit knob helps to emulate some of the character of

analog and tape echoes. The Filter and Smear controls, however, were too subtle to notice their effect on the sound. Still, the quality and variety of the sounds produced qualify the TimeLine as a superior stompbox delay.

Studio-quality sound. Wide range of effects. Stereo operation.

Filter and Smear controls too timid.

(601) 626-7696; damage-controlusa.com