Damage Control Liquid Blues

The Liquid Blues ($279 retail/$199 street) is a dual-tube overdrive with Level, Drive, Opto Comp, Clarity, and Treble controls. I found the overdrive sound by itself uninspiring, but I was blown away by the studio quality compression available via the Opto Comp control.

Alone, it added startling bloom and life to any clean parts I played. Combined with the Drive control, it helped create smooth, singing lead tones. The Clarity control blends clean compressed signal with the overdrive—a function I found somewhat artificial sounding—but using the Clarity control with the Opto Comp fattened and warmed the clean sound of my guitar like a mega-buck rack unit. Think of the Drive function as optional grit and buy the Liquid Blues for its excellent compressor—your live or recorded clean tones will sound like liquid gold.

Fantastic sounding compression. Makes clean tones sound fat and warm.

Unexciting overdrive. One of the tubes malfunctioned on the original test piece (a replacement pedal worked perfectly).

(601) 626-7696; damagecontrolusa.com