Damage Control Glass Nexus

The Glass Nexus ($559 retail/$399 street) multi-effects pedal unites warmth and clarity by using 96kHz processing and dual 12AX7s. Offering reverb, delay, and modulation effects (rotary, Uni-Vibe, detune, flange, phase, etc.), the Glass Nexus doesn’t deal in major sound mangling, but instead delivers excellent quality in each basic effect.

The phaser and Uni-Vibe sounds rivaled some of the single-effect pedals I’ve tried. The delays and reverbs are transparent enough to use in front of a distorted amp, and warm enough to do so liberally. Eight preset slots are available, but the pedal’s MIDI capabilities allow it to deliver 1,280 presets, along with real-time control of all parameters and the ability to sync to an external clock. Depending on your effects requirements, the Glass Nexus could take the place of several pedals on your board.

Toasty-warm, yet crystal-clear effects. No tone-suckage. Full MIDI implementation.

Limited number of effects.

(601) 626-7696; damagecontrolusa.com