Daisy Rock Presents 'How Do YOU Daisy Rock?'

an Interactive YouTube Contest....

Daisy Rock Guitars, the original girl-guitar manufacturer, is thrilled to announce the “How Do YOU Daisy Rock” interactive YouTube contest, giving one lucky girl an opportunity of a lifetime—a chance to appear in an upcoming reality TV pilot.

Running now until June 30, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars asks girls aged 12-17, “How Do YOU Daisy Rock?” for a chance to enter to win a Daisy Rock guitar plus a chance to appear in an upcoming reality TV show pilot. To be eligible to win, entrants must send in a web link to a video recording that shows them performing an original 5-10 minute song, or musical piece. They should also address at least three of the following points:

· “How does music influence your life?”
· “What inspired you to learn guitar?”
· “What are your dreams and aspirations?”
· “How does playing guitar help you express yourself?”
· “Does playing guitar make you more confident?”
· “Has playing guitar changed your life?”
· “Who are your idols and/or mentors?”

Visit daisyrock.com/howdoyoudaisyrock to enter contest now. To view additional contest information, please read the general contest rules.

Daisy Rock offers a complete line of girl guitars designed to look and sound great, and to fit the female form. To learn more about Daisy Rock endorsed artists, and to view Daisy Rock’s entire line of guitars, visit daisyrock.com now!