Custom Shop Parts Introduces Custom Guitar, Bass, And Amp Knobs

Custom Shop Parts - supplier of innovative and creative custom accessories for guitars has recently begun manufacturing an amazing line of solid cast control knobs for customizing guitars, basses and even amplifiers. Adding a unique appearance to your axe or amp is now as easy as replacing your old common knobs.

The first distinctive knob, the Graveyard, features a raised, hand-carved and cast sinister skull. The skull sits atop a ring of bones on the side. The Graveyard features a unique oval shape that helps maintain the feel for the position you dial in.

The cast metal series of control knobs also extends into a beautiful and striking Celtic Cross knob. With a deep, layered carving, the raised Celtic Cross threatens to leap right off of the knob. The sides of this knob feature an attractive raised Celtic style weave pattern.

So now that your guitar is customized, why not spiff up your dull looking amp? Custom Shop Parts delivers on your wish with the Skull Chicken Head knob. Heavy cast metal gives these knobs great feel. CSP didn't forget that even the coolest knobs are worthless if you can't read their position. That's why Skull Chicken Head knobs sport a "skullhawk" and a "skull soul patch." Their cast metal mohawks and chin hair actually work to help indicate their relative position - when you're turning it up to eleven, you'll visually know when you get there.

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