Custom Guitar Tuner for Stratocasters Replaces Existing Jackplate

Atlantic Quality Design, Inc. has announced its new patent pending S-Tuner™ with Knife Edge Tuning™. With the miniaturization of electronics and innovative design (patent pending), they can now fit an entire tuner into the form factor of a standard Stratocaster™ jackplate, with absolutely no permanent modification to the guitar and no tone change whatsoever.
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To install, simply take out the old jackplate and jack, and drop in the S-Tuner. Two wires from the original jack solder to the S-Tuner. The look and feel is the same as the classic jackplate.

Knife Edge Tuning™ is a new standard in tuning accuracy and simplicity, only available in the S-Tuner, eliminating the pitch error possible when using other tuners.

Visit for full specs and ordering information. Dealer inquires welcome. Atlantic Quality Design, Inc. is an electronics design and consulting firm that has been in business for 16 years, creating industrial hardware and software products.