Curt Sheller Publications Releases Ukulele For Guitar Players Instructional Book

Curt Sheller Publications today announced the release of a new book for guitar players titled Ukulele for Guitar Players by Curt Sheller.
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With the ukulele well in to its third culture wave or popularity with no crest in site. More and more guitar players are discovering for the first time, or returning to the ukulele. The ukulele in the hands of modern virtuosos like Jake Shimabukuro and James Hill or ukulele jazz legend Lyle Ritz can do amazing music. From folk and rock to jazz and classical you can do it all on the uke.

This book is for current and former guitar players discovering the ukulele for the first time or returning to the instrument.

Ukulele for Guitar Players is a guide to transferring the accumulated experience and knowledge gained as a guitar played to the ukulele.

Ukulele for Guitar Players explores the possibilities that the ukulele offers. Covering basic open position chords, movable form chords, triads, advanced jazz chords, essential scales. An introduction to reading standard music notation on ukulele.

The ukulele is both a different instrument than the guitar and at the same time a lot like the guitar. Guitar players that also play the ukulele find that it gives them a different and fresh look at how they also approach the guitar.

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