Critically Acclaimed Metal Book Louder Than Hell on Sale at Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival This Summer

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This summer, if you are planning to attend North America’s heaviest annual metal festival, the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL, you will be pleased to know that your day just got heavier! The authors of LOUDER THAN HELL: The Definitive Oral History of Metal, Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman, are thrilled to announce that their book will be for sale at all stops of the festival this summer. What better combination that the most metal festival in North America and the most metal book in the world!

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DimebagzHag Rita will sell the book at her personal merch booth all summer long, and is pleased to sign copies for buyers. The authors encourage all buyers of the book to have their copies signed by the performing bands featured prominently in the book, such as Rob Zombie, Mastodon, Machine Head, Job For a Cowboy and Attika 7. Make sure to stop by at the booth and pick up your copy!

Publications continue to refer to LOUDER THAN HELL: The Definitive Oral History of Metal as a credible source and its writers Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman as factual and knowledgeable sources. In a recent feature on metal giants Lamb of God, Richmond, Virginia's Virginian-Pilot interviewed Wiederhorn about the band's history and the importance of frontman Randy Blythe.

“They started as an instrumental group, but it took Randy to give them focus and bring them a visual frontman who was capable of captivating an audience while this aggressive, multi-faceted music was hitting them like an assault to the chest,” said Jon Wiederhorn. “Even at their most non-melodic, Randy is capable of keeping it in a wholly compelling range so that it never resorts to sheer dissonance.”

And USA Today quoted Katherine Turman in a review of the new Black Sabbath album 13. “As the undisputed progenitors of heavy metal, it would be easy for Sabbath to be sad shadows of their former doomy, influential selves 43 years subsequent to their debut," Turman said. "Yet despite years of Ozzy Osbourne solo and the late Ronnie James Dio (and others) at the helm of Sabbath, the band's legacy never waned, and 13 is a welcome and pleasantly surprising return to form.”

In addition, LOUDER THAN HELL was directly quoted in the first line of Rolling Stone's review of 13. “We decided to write horror music" is how Ozzy Osbourne describes Black Sabbath's birth in the great new heavy-metal oral history, LOUDER THAN HELL.” And in May The New York Times ran two quotes from LOUDER THAN HELL in its obituary of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.


LOUDER THAN HELL: The Definitive Oral History of Metal is in stores NOW! Compiled from over 400 interviews conducted by respected music journalists Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman, LOUDER THAN HELL: The Definitive Oral History of Metal (It Books; May 14, 2013; Hardcover; $32.50) is a chronological history of heavy metal, told through the words of the men and women who created it, played it, re-invented it, and continue to rock it. This week, the book is ranked at number #549 in the top books OVERALL on! The book is still ranked #1 in Heavy Metal Books and #2 in History & Criticism Books. LOUDER THAN HELL is also ranked #11 in 20th Century Books.

From the creation of Black Sabbath in the late 1960s, to Judas Priest’s development of the leather-and-studs look, to Metallica introducing the world to thrash, to the inception of Ozzfest, to Faith No More accidentally creating the first hybrid of rap and metal, to the provocative exploits of the Sunset Strip scene, to the death and destruction surrounding Norwegian black metal, LOUDER THAN HELL gets to the meat of the metal matter.

LOUDER THAN HELL explores the transformation of metal culture, with stories and anecdotes straight from the mouths of the most infamous and successful bands. Filled with hundreds of revealing interviews representing every type and era of heavy metal... from metal progenitors such as Blue Cheer, Led Zeppelin, and the MC5 to current day innovators including Slipknot, Mastodon, and Lamb of God.

LOUDER THAN HELL is the ultimate look behind the curtain at one of our most dynamic, controversial and enduring musical genres. With an introduction by Scott Ian of Anthrax and an afterword by Rob Halford of Judas Priest, and with two 16-page photo inserts, with some never-before seen candid shots by celebrated rock photographers Stephanie Cabral and Robert Matheu, this is the book metal fans have been waiting for.

To learn more about LOUDER THAN HELL, please visit these official locations:


Buy your copy of LOUDER THAN HELL on now at this location.

Get Your Copy NOW at –RATED #1 in Heavy Metal Books and #2 in History & Criticism Books in the First Week!

“…as indispensable as a skull-adorned leather jacket.”

“…no one’s gone quite as deep into the genre’s recesses as this 736-page oral history…”
- ROLLING STONE (4 star review!)

“It’s an aficionado’s delight.”

“…an amazing account of the four-decades-old genre…”

“If you want some debauchery and demonology to go with your gentle summer breezes, Louder Than Hell is the tome for you.” – YAHOO SUMMER MUSIC GUIDE, “ROCK’S BEST BEACH READS”

“…a flawless authoritative history of metal straight from the mouths of the men and women who lived it, and you’ll feel like you are right there beside them.”

“Essential.” —REVOLVER (4/4 stars review!)

“An indispensable oral history of an often misunderstood musical genre.”
—KIRKUS REVIEWS (a starred review!)

“I’m not saying this just because I’m in the book, but . . . if you love metal, great stories, and music history told by the people who made it, then Louder than Hell is a must-read.”

“…the authors’ inclusiveness give this examination a weight that is just as heavy as the music.”

About the Authors:
Jon Wiederhorn is a senior writer for Revolver who also writes for Guitar World,, and His second book, the authorized biography of Ministry’s Al Jourgensen, Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen, is scheduled for release in August. His work has also appeared in Rolling Stone, SPIN, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide,, AOL Noisecreep, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, RIP, Alternative Press and Cosmopolitan. Jon currently lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, down the street from legendary ‘80s/’90s metal club L’Amour. His greatest accomplishment is teaching his two pre-teens to flash the devil horns long before they discovered Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Katherine Turman is the producer for Alice Cooper’s nightly syndicated radio show, Nights with Alice Cooper. A former editor of RIP magazine and producer at TV’s The Sharon Osbourne Show as well as radio’s Rockline, her writing has been in major publications including Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, SPIN, Billboard, Marie Claire, Guitar World, Metal Hammer, Village Voice and Daily Variety. A Los Angeles native, she now lives in Brooklyn.