CreamWare Updates SCOPE DSP System to Version 4.5

CreamWare''s SCOPE line of DSP cards are now shipping with software version 4.5. The new software package features new features and plugins such as the "SBC" Spectral Balance Controller mastering plugin.

The entry level system of the SCOPE platform also has new hardware specs: the SCOPE Home v4.5 system now provides 36 inputs and 36 outputs (analog, digital, 2 x ADAT, 2 x Z-LINK). Also the SCOPE Home software package was significantly enlarged and now contains 57 effects, 15 synths and samplers and 6 mixing console plugins -- all of which run on the card's DSPs.

The Synth'n'Sampler Pack was upgraded to feature no less than six plugins: the Minimax, the Pro-12, the B2003, the Vectron, the STS-5000 and the Modular III synthesizer. The Mix'nMaster Pack now contains Optimaster, Vinco and PsyQ for perfect mastering results. The packages come free of charge with the SCOPE project and SCOPE professional packages.

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