Craig Chaquico Signs with Blind Pig

Craig Chaquico, a chart-topping guitarist in both the rock and jazz fields, has signed with noted roots label Blind Pig Records to record a blues-based album.
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Chaquico was a central figure in the legendary multi-platinum selling rock band Jefferson Starship, one the most successful arena rock bands of the 1970s and early '80s. In the 1990s, Craig left the fast-paced pop world and reinvented himself as a major force on the contemporary jazz landscape, becoming an award-winning solo artist in that field.

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Chaquico said of the signing, "I am really excited about beginning a project that has been in the back of my mind and at the front of my heart and soul for years. Now it's going to become a very first blues album for the premier blues label on the planet - Blind Pig." "As the lead guitarist, songwriter, and sometimes co-producer for the preeminent American band Jefferson Starship for nearly 20 years, I was always encouraged by my more established iconic bandmates to play rock and roll the way I saw and felt it, even though I was the "baby in the band" and even if the styles of that band evolved quite a bit (with me as the only single constant band member from '73 to '90)."

"I felt that my guitar playing was always blues-based through all those style changes, though not necessarily inspired by going all the way back to the Robert Johnson or Delta blues days. My "roots blues" is probably more rooted in my current Blind Pig record collection, as well as people I listened to in my early teens - Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, B.B. and all the Kings, Jeff Beck, Santana, Led Zep, ZZ Top, Pink Floyd, Allman Brothers, Free, Bad Company, and of course, Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna.""Finding myself in a major rock band while still in my teens, the multi-platinum stadium rock period in my musical life was as rewarding as it was fun, and part of my higher musical education. After that I was fortunate to be able to create a twenty year, million-selling, Grammy-nominated, #1 on the charts musical life in the world of acoustic instrumental Smooth Jazz."

"As much as I still love instrumental smooth jazz, which for me was always blues-based anyway, I sometimes missed the edge that I could experience with blues-based rock and roll. For some time now I have been thinking about doing my own heartfelt modern blues project that could be the best of all those musical worlds and planets I've visited since my teens.""And now, thanks to Blind Pig and all those who have inspired, encouraged, and helped me get to the top of different musical charts and styles for five consecutive decades now, the time has come for my very first ever official version of the blues from my own musical world. Blues that often actually makes ya happy!"
"See you on that world - and don't ya be late. Thank you, Blind Pig, for truly making a dream come blue."