Cool Gadget Review! Godlyke PA-9D Power-All Deluxe Kit

 Wall-wart adapters have always pissed me off. Sure, they beat going broke buying 9-volts (and on gig days you never have enough time to go to Costco to get a deal on them, so you hit a 7-11 and pay about a buck a volt) but they’re clunky and very power strip unfriendly.

 That’s partly why I’ve been a fan of Godlyke power supplies for a long time, because they not only power a bunch of stompboxes but also their sleek profile ensures that they don’t hog a bunch of space on my strip. The trade-off has been, however, that I still had to plug my beloved Line 6 delay in somewhere, because there wasn’t an adapter on the planet that could supply its voracious appetite for juice. That day is done now, thanks to the slickest accessory I’ve come across in a long time: the Godlyke PA-9D Power-All Deluxe Kit. For about $40, this ingenious little package will make you feel, literally and figuratively, all powerful. It will supply power to all the usual BOSS/DigiTech/E-H suspects, pretty much regardless of how they need that power supplied (tip-negative, tip-positive, battery clip, 3.5mm jack, etc), but it will also power up to four Line 6 modelers. You can power an assortment of 11 pedals straight away and if you need to do more it’s possible but let’s be honest: That’s a little bit of a cry for help. Anyway, the PA-9D comes with sturdy, beefy cable to withstand abuse, and it automatically converts input voltage to 9v so it can be used anywhere on the planet. The connector cables are color coded so you can find then easily, even on a dark stage, and the plug is still totally polite and only takes up a single spot on my power strip. Awesome! It was so nice to be able to throw a truckload of pedals into a bag—including my green Line 6 delay—and be totally confident that I’d be able to power them up, leave them plugged in between sets, and not trip over the massive “python that just swallowed a goat” cord that used to fire up my cool green echo. I can’t wait to build a pedalboard and have the PA-9D be the heart of it. Godlyke offers the PA-9B, which powers five boxes, for $10 less but come on! Spring for the deluxe version and dust off your Gonkulators, Screaming Trees, Death Metals, Milk Boxes, and other pedals that haven’t gotten any love in a while. You’ll be glad you did. Great job on a great product.