Coffin Case Announces Exclusive U.S. Distribution of Skull Strings

Coffin Case has secured the exclusive U.S. distribution rights for the French string company Skull Strings.

Skull Strings are made in the USA from high-quality imported Swedish metals that contain over 17% chromium, this high grade stainless steel is constantly protected by a passive layer of chromium oxide which forms on the surface as a result of the contact between the chromium and the humidity in the air. Once this layer deteriorates, it regenerates itself by the same process. This unique process makes Skull Strings resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

Specially gauged for extreme players, Skull Strings will keep intonation and proper balance even when down-tuned.

Highly magnetic Swedish stainless steel ensures every note cuts through loud and clear. Drop your sound with Skull Strings, available wherever Coffin Case products are sold.

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