Chords4U Announces The Availability Of Guitar Chord Finder Pro – A Chord Dictionary For Your Cell Phone

Follow research amongst fellow musicians’ chords4u, a new entrant in the production of applications for cell phones, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Guitar Chord Finder Pro, a guitar chord dictionary that runs on a cell phone. With 100''s of chords in its memory bank, Chord Finder Pro provides all guitarists with a reference standard chord dictionary. Displaying common chords and the more exotic, such as Augmented, Diminished, 9th and 13th (to name but a few), Guitar Finder Pro is suitable for all guitarists from learners to the more advanced.
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“Being available as an application that runs on a mobile or cell phone means Chord finder Pro is always available in your pocket and allows you to ditch the separate chord book or other devices we have all carried in the past; now if you have a compatible cell phone then you can have a comprehensive chord dictionary” commented Trevor Conway, CEO of chords4u.

Guitar Chord Finder shows suggested fingering for each chord and, where possible, three different versions of each chord at different positions along the fret board.

Tested on a range of mobile or cellular phones Guitar Chord Finder is also available in a free to download "lite" version restricted to displaying only Major, Minor and 7th chords. The “lite” version is free to download to test compatibility with your handset.

Pricing and Availability

Guitar Chord Finder Pro is available now at a price of approx $12.50 (£6.49, GBP). To purchase and download Chord Finder Pro, the free “lite” version or for more information please visit the company’s web site at Once the purchase is completed an email will be sent with details of how to download the program to their mobile or cell phone. Before purchasing Guitar Chord finder Pro chords4u recommend downloading the free “lite” version to ensure compatibility with your phone.