CharterOak SA538B Tube Mic

So we got this cool mic here from CharterOak. Cool box. Even the cardboard part it was shipped in was printed with their cool-looking silhouette of a big old oak tree. I was in the middle of mixing a record on ROIR, called “Dub Trio.” Everyone in the room was like, “ooh . . . aaahhh!” about the box alone. Nice touch. I open the thing up, and we all said, “ooh, aah” because this is a great-looking package, and obviously well made from Jump Street. I mean the shock-mount is BEAUTIFUL. I don’t just mean, like, OK, or kind of OK: awesome. First class. It’s made to last, and is very functional. I weigh about 190, and I felt like if I hung from it (as I often do), it wouldn’t even bend. SOLID. The mic weighs a ton as well, so I guess it’s good that someone actually put some thought into how it would stay off the floor. .
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