Celestion Expands CDX Range With Two New Neodymium Compression Drivers

Celestion has dramatically increased the versatility of its CDX range with the launch of two new compact, lightweight Neodymium compression drivers — the CDX1-1730 and CDX1-1731.
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These two models provide designers with a choice of mounting options (the CDX1-1730 is flange mount and the CDX1-1731 screw mount), while specifications for both devices are the same: 75-Watt power rating, 8 Ohm impedance, 110 dB sensitivity, 1.2-20 kHz frequency range, 1.75" voice coil and 1" throat exit.

And, like other CDX compression drivers in the range, these new devices make extensive use of Celestion's industry-leading experience in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize the magnetic and acoustic design, helping the CDX1-1730/1731 to achieve outstanding performance at a highly competitive price point.

The new compression drivers also use Celestion's proprietary Sound Castle™ diaphragm clamping system to ensure even clamping pressure on the diaphragm surround, thereby reducing distortion while allowing the full internal volume of the rear cover to act as a loading chamber for the diaphragm, resulting in superior lower mid-band response. With exceptional heat management from the aluminum heatsink, an edge-wound coil, a choice of mounting options and a compact, lightweight design, the CDX1-1730/1731 represents a cost-effective, high performance HF solution for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications.

Additional Screw Mount Options

Alongside the new Neo compression drivers, Celestion is also launching the CDX-1746 — a screw mount version of the popular ceramic-magnet CDX1-1745 high-frequency device. The range is further extended by the availability of an adaptor to enable screw mounting of the CDX1-14 Series drivers.

For more information, visit their web site at www.celestion.com.