CD Review: Reverb Galaxy, Angle of Attack

Surfing probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Maryland, but the Old Line state is home to a surf scene, and at least one really good surf band.
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Fronted by lead guitarist Art Svrjcek, Reverb Galaxy is an instrumental quartet that deftly navigates the West Coast pipeline, while also paying homage to British Stratmaster Hank Marvin and tossing in a moon rock or two.

Svrjcek covers all the classic moves—from percussive Dick Dale slides to swooping Jim Fuller moves to sweet Marvin-like melodic lines—all the while ably backed by the tasty twang of rhythm guitarist Joe Atkins, and the spirited propulsion provided by drummer Jeremy Carlson and bassist Jim Colby.

Although not included among the influences name checked in the CD liner notes or the band’s press, the production and musical attitude embodied in these songs reminds me as much of Joe Meek bands such as the Fabulous Flee-Rakkers and the Moontrekkers as it does the Surfaris or the Beach Boys—and that’s a good thing in my book.

Too bad the nine songs fly by in less than 30 minutes, as this is the sort of album you just want to pop into the player in your Woodie and cruise down the coast with on an endless summer afternoon. Bitch’n! Reverb Galaxy. —Barry Cleveland