CD Baby Scores In-Store Retail Distribution For All Independent Musicians

CD Baby, the online seller of independent music, announced a new distribution deal today that lets any artist sell their CD in over 2400 traditional retail music stores across America.

The deal is a partnership with Super D, one of the largest one-stop music wholesalers, supplying chains like Tower, Borders, Best Buy, Hot Topic, and Transworld, as well as independent tastemaker stores from the Coalition for Independent Music Stores and Alliance of Independent Media Stores. CD Baby's entire catalog of over 130,000 albums is added to Super D's existing catalog of 415,000 albums.

The deal is a much-needed boost for neighborhood CD stores, making it easier for them to order independent titles, which in turn makes it easier for independent artists to tell their fans to visit their local record store to buy their CD.

Because CD Baby works directly with musicians, not record labels, most of CD Baby's 100,000 artists were previously not available to physical retail stores.

Even better than a typical distribution deal, artists get paid their full retail price just a week after the sale, with no returns, and are given the full info of the purchasing store.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for the independent artist to instantly get physical distribution," said Jeff Walker, President of Super D, "CD Baby and Super D have joined up to provide a complete worldwide solution for the independent artist."

CD Baby, recognized in the industry for its cutting edge, artist-first mentality, has made similar deals in the past to help empower and further the careers of its clients, including deals with Apple's iTunes, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody, Napster, and other digital retailers, that give their artists the strength-in-numbers of being with the largest catalog of independent music.

Details about the in-store distribution program are available publicly at