CD Baby Introduces MusicStore for Facebook


CD Baby is excited to announce a new tool which will make it easier than ever for people on Facebook to hear, share, and buy your music.

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It’s called the MusicStore For Facebook, and it’s a full multi-media experience which is easily added as a tab on your Facebook Band Page. You don’t even have to upload your music–it pulls the files directly from your CD Baby members account. What’s more, it comes with many beautiful, customizable design options, and it’s loaded with features. You can upload a banner, import your album reviews, and even add a YouTube video. Once it’s installed, fans can buy your MP3s (and even CDs and vinyl!) right from Facebook. 

And the best part? MusicStore for Facebook is absolutely FREE for CD Baby members. There are no additional costs to use it – and, as always, no annual fees.

So, try out our new MusicStore for Facebook and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Get your MusicStore for Facebook today.Click here for details.