Carvin Unveils B800 Bass Amp

Carvin, recognized by musicians everywhere as a leading manufacturer of high quality guitars, basses, instrument amplifiers, recording equipment, and sound reinforcement products, proudly announces the release of its new B800 Mono Block Bass Head. Designed with substantial power capable of driving a wide range of loudspeaker enclosures, this exciting, compact amplifier has the features bass players demand—at a price they’ve been clamoring for.
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The new B800 has a competitive feature set that enables bass players to have the power they need for a wide range of performance types. The B800 employs a mono block design and offers the same rich tone generated from discrete Class A preamps. With a surprisingly small footprint, this versatile power amp features an Active or Passive front panel input gain switch, along with Preamp Drive and Master volume controls. Additional front panel controls include Sub Bass, Bass, Low Mid, Mid, Hi Mid, and Treble.

Adding still greater functionality to this new amplifier, the B800 incorporates a rear panel Direct Out on an XLR (balanced) connector with level control—enabling the unit to patch directly into PA systems or recording equipment. Bassists will also appreciate the effects loop built into the B800 with its front panel switch. And for making certain that they’re in tune with the rest of the band, the B800 includes a Tuner output jack that is independent of the Mute switch.

To protect the system’s electronics, the B800 is encased in a rugged housing that is covered with a Duratex™ scratch resistant, weatherproof, polyurethane coating that will maintain its appearance through years of tortuous use. Carry handles are mounted on the amp head’s sides.

Carson Kiesel, President of Carvin Corporation reflected on the company’s new amplifier offering, “The new B800 is a remarkably capable bass amp housed in a compact case that is ready to go at any time. We’re excited about this unit, as it provides bass players the flexibility to mate the unit with a variety of loudspeaker enclosures.”

The new Carvin B800 Mono Block Bass Head carries a suggested retail price of $429. The unit is in stock and available.