Carvin Introduces V3212 Guitar

Carvin, recognized by musicians everywhere as the leading manufacturer of high quality guitars, basses, instrument amplifiers, recording equipment, and sound reinforcement products, proudly introduces the V3212 Guitar Combo. Building on the success of Carvin’s legendary V3 Guitar Head, the new V3212 comprises the same electronics, including the 100% tube signal path featuring Groove Tubes™, and incorporates dual 12-inch Celestion loudspeakers to form an uncompromising guitar combo system with the power and sound quality to address a wide range of musical applications.

The new V3212 offers a 3-channel, all tube configuration with three drive modes per channel, with Channels 1 and 2 providing Center, Thick, and Intense modes, and Channel 3 providing Center, Bright, and Soak modes. No matter what sound the guitarist is looking for—from a classic, rich overdrive delivering lots of headroom to the most gain and sustain with notes that leap out with startling articulation—it will be found with this incredible amplifier. Combined with Carvin’s innovative EQX that enables one to toggle between standard and expanded EQ to open a wider frequency range for the treble and bass, the V3212 delivers the sound today’s guitarist demands. And with a rear panel switch that enables one to toggle between the amplifier’s two power settings of 100 watts or 50 watts, the V3212 makes it easy to overdrive the amp for still greater creative expression.

Featuring a dedicated Master Control section for volume, boost, bright, mid cut, deep, and Smart Loops™, the V3212 makes it easy to control the amplifier’s sound. The three channels each have dedicated control settings and the momentary channel select switch facilitates easy changes from one sound setting to another. Combined with Carvin’s Smart Loops, which remembers the effects loop settings for each channel, the V3212 provides unprecedented control.

The V3212’s rear panel is equally comprehensive, offering Line Out, Line Out Level, Cabinet Voicing (for simulating speaker cabinet response), Loop 1, Loop 2, plus MIDI In and Thru for easy control of all channels, volume boost, and Smart Loops. Additionally, the V3212 has provisions for footswitches (models FS22 / FS44), Output 1 and 2 (parallel outs for connecting two speaker cabinets), a Bias switch, plus the 100/50 watt power select switch.

Recognizing that guitarists have very strong opinions about the speakers they play through, the new V3212 is available in two configurations. The V3212 incorporates twin Celestion G12T-75 loudspeakers, while the V3212-30 uses twin Celestion Vintage 30 loudspeakers. Either way, guitarists will find exactly the sound they’ve been searching for.

Carson Kiesel, President of Carvin Corporation, reflected on the company’s new V3212 Guitar Combo, “The V3212 represents a commitment to deliver the stunning sound of our V3 in a form factor that makes it easy to travel with. Offering two models employing different loudspeakers, I’m confident guitar players everywhere will find the exact sound they can call their own.”

The new Carvin V3212 Guitar Combo is sold factory direct at $1,249.99 (V3212) and $1,269.99 (V3212-30). Both models are available now.