Carvin Introduces The BR610 Bass Combo Amplifier

Carvin proudly introduces the new BR610 Bass Combo. Featuring a powerful amplifier, advanced equalization, dual 10-inch low frequency drivers, a Titanium high frequency driver, an XLR direct output, and numerous additional features integrated into a Duratuff™-covered enclosure with retractable handles, the BR610 Bass Combo is the perfect solution for gigging or studio bassists in search of compact, powerful, all-in-one system.
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The BR610 maintains the compact form factor of its BR Series siblings, yet its powerful amplifier combined with dual 10-inch low frequency drivers and a Titanium high frequency driver makes this a remarkably robust setup. With a rugged Duratuff-covered enclosure that hides the wear and tear of the road, this terrific amplifier even features a tilt-back design that puts the bass right where it's wanted. When the gig is over, the retractable handles make moving this powerhouse amp quick and easy. To protect the transducers, a 16-guage, perforated steel grill is supplied.

The new BR610 Bass Combo's BX600 mono block bass head features discrete Class A circuitry, a contour control, a single knob compressor, and a front-mounted XLR direct output. With a whopping 600 watts of power at 2 ohms, this terrific amplifier has plenty of muscle for those musical applications where high output levels are a must to get the job done. This system also incorporates a heavy-duty crossover featuring a 6-position attenuator for precision settings at 0, -3, -6, -12, -24, and OFF. The BR610's sealed crossovers and connector plates prevent air leakage and the high current, locking Speakon™ connectors and quarter-inch jacks make for a rugged amp that will withstand years of tortuous road use.

For shaping the sound exactly to one's liking, the BR610 Bass Combo features parametric EQ with mid sweep and a 9-band graphic equalizer coupled with a Graphic EQ In/Out switch. This versatile amplifier also provides Active/Passive switching, and the switches feature active electronics for clean, precise control and greater reliability. To warm the sound up, the front panel Drive control can push the Class A preamps to a warm growl. There is also a Master control for the preamp.

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