Carvin Introduces K15 Keyboard Amp

Carvin, recognized the world over as a leading manufacturer of high quality guitars, basses, instrument amplifiers, recording equipment, and sound reinforcement products, proudly introduces the K15 Keyboard Amplifier. Featuring a great-sounding transducer compliment, versatile EQ control, and numerous additional features, the new K15 Keyboard Amplifier delivers 100 watts into a highly functional, heavy-duty system—making this a powerful, full-range keyboard amplifier setup.
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The K15’s exceptional sound quality comes from a terrific transducer compliment coupled with an equally proficient power source. This self-contained keyboard system incorporates a heavy-duty 15-inch low frequency transducer mated with a Titanium driver for breathtaking highs. The K15’s enclosure features Carvin’s popular tilt-back design that places the sound right where it’s wanted, and the entire enclosure is protected by a rugged Duratuff™ covering with steel side handles and a perforated steel grill to protect the drivers.

Powering the system is a robust 100 watt amplifier designed to handle a wide range of keyboard applications. The exceptional K15 features four channels (two stereo or dual mono), with quarter-inch inputs, one mono quarter-inch input, and one XLR/quarter-inch “Combo” input. The K15’s input architecture provides ample room for several keyboards, sound modules, drum machines, and a vocal mic—all in one very easy to use, highly transportable configuration.

For additional sound contouring flexibility, the new K15’s Channel 3 includes an Instrument/Line button plus a tone control with a Mid shift button, while channel 4 offers a full 3-band EQ. Additionally, the K15 features a master 5-band Graphic EQ that makes fine tuning the main output a snap, and there’s also an effects loop for incorporating one’s own signal processing. With Line Out and Speaker jacks available on the K15’s rear panel, keyboard players will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive, compact keyboard system.

Carson Kiesel, President of Carvin Corporation, reflected on the company’s new K15 Keyboard Amplifier, “The new K15 Keyboard Amplifier is an incredibly well-rounded, cost effective solution for keyboard players in search of a great sounding, versatile sound reinforcement system capable of handling today’s sophisticated keyboard setups. This new system represents a significant step forward in self-contained, easy to transport keyboard amplification systems.”

The new Carvin K15 Keyboard Amplifier is sold factory direct at $399.99. The K15 is available now.