Carvin Introduces BR15 Bass Combo

Carvin, the name musicians everywhere look to for high quality guitars, basses, instrument amplifiers, recording equipment, and sound reinforcement products, proudly introduces the new BR15 Bass Combo. Featuring advanced equalization, a 15-inch low frequency driver, a Titanium high frequency driver, an XLR direct output, and numerous additional features integrated into a Duratuff™-covered enclosure with retractable handles, the BR15 Bass Combo is the perfect solution for gigging or studio bassists.

For bassists who are constantly on the move, the new BR15 Bass Combo is hard to beat. The BR15 is the smallest and lightest combination bass amplifier offered by Carvin, yet its sound is big and remarkably robust—thanks to the 15-inch low frequency driver and Titanium high frequency driver combination. With a rugged Duratuff-covered enclosure that hides the wear and tear of the road, this terrific amplifier even features a tilt-back design that puts the bass right where it’s wanted. When the gig is over, the retractable handles make moving this powerhouse amp a breeze. To protect the transducers, a 16-guage, perforated steel grill is supplied.

The new BR15 Bass Combo’s BX120 head features the same discrete Class A circuitry, contour control, single knob compressor, and front-mounted XLR direct output found in Carvin’s BX600 bass head. With 120 watts output power at 8 ohms, this terrific amplifier has plenty of muscle for a wide variety of musical applications.

For shaping the sound precisely as it’s wanted, the BR15 Bass Combo features parametric EQ with mid sweep and a 5-band graphic equalizer coupled with a Graphic EQ In/Out switch. This versatile amplifier also provides Active/Passive switching, and the switches feature active electronics for clean, precise control and greater reliability. To warm the sound up, the front panel Drive control can push the Class A preamps to a warm growl—providing the ultimate in tonal diversity. There is also a Master control for the preamp.

Carson Kiesel, President of Carvin Corporation, commented on the company’s new BR15 Bass Combo. “The BR15 provides bassists with a full, rich sound that travels easily—making this an excellent choice for one night engagements or studio dates. The BR15 is a surprisingly light and compact model that goes just about anywhere.”

The new Carvin BR15 Bass Combo is sold factory direct at $369.99. The BR15 is available now.