Canvas Guitars Debut New CS Series Semi-Hollowbody Archtops

Canvas Guitars are the first all-USA-designed instruments, custom-built at their very own factory in China. All tooling is made in the USA, resulting in cutting-edge guitar technology at very affordable prices. Dubbed "New Old School" by its creators, the designs are classic yet original.

The line is being broadened with the addition of Canvas CS Series semi-hollow arch tops -- six models which share the same unique core construction, starting with a solid maple block down the center for higher volume playing without feedback. A rigid, permanent, stop tailpiece is counter-sunk into this center strip for in-tune stability and more efficient transfer of the string vibrations to the body. The bodies are made using precise molded forms to shape the maple top back and sides. The neck is also maple and is installed using Canvas' own modified neck joint system for a more precise alignment and fit. The body shapes are not only unique, but the F-holes are very distinctive as well, reflecting the Canvas "New Old School" credo - incorporating traditional function and classic lines with forward-looking design. Hardware options include chrome, gold, or black depending on the model. Colors include Sunburst, Red, White, Black, Lemon Yellow, and Seafoam Green.

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