Cakewalk Releases Free Update for Project5

Cakewalk has announced a free 2.0.1 update for Project5 Version 2. Project5 Version 2 was created to provide everything you need to create and perform today''s music with a complete set of instruments and effects; powerful recording, looping, sequencing, and arranging tools; dynamic creation tools; and an open synth host.
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The free Project5 2.0.1 update is now available for download.

The Project5 2.0.1 update provides several usability enhancements to every view, as well as to the virtual instrument Dimension. The update also addresses some minor issues discovered after Project5 Version 2 began shipping.

Highlights include:

  • Arrange Pane
  • Sticky Now Time (restart Now Time from previous start position)
  • Display automation values in a tool tip while editing
  • Vertical clip zoom
  • Bounce to track


  • Display automation values in a tool tip while editing
  • Channel Aftertouch automation added to MIDI parameter list
  • Metronome count-in for recording in Editor view


  • Support for AIF/AIFF files
  • Reduced CPU load (Dimension programs require 2-20% less CPU)
  • Enhanced memory sharing for running multiple instances of Dimension
  • Instant Loading of Patch Browser
  • Progress meter displayed while loading Dimension programs

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