Bullet Guitar Straps and Belts from SDA

SDA (Shueys Designer Accessories) a wholesale and retail distributor of Real Bullet Belts for the fashion industry for the last 5 years, is bringing their ammunition stylings to the music world.
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Now available, SDA offers two different instrument straps. The larger, 3.5" wide leather strap features 308 Nickel plated bullets. If you require a narrower strap, a 2.5" wide version with 223 caliber bullets is also offered. Both straps are adjustable up to a maximum length of 52 inches, and can be ordered with copper, chrome, or tipless bullet casings.

In addition to instrument straps, SDA also makes 4 different styles of bullet belts, and their latest creation is a new powder coated bullet belt which is available in a variety of colors.

Powder coating is a plastic baked on finish of either polyester or epoxy powder and results in a durable, smooth to the touch, super glossy finish. Powder coating is generally used where paint is used but where a more durable finish is needed.

The powder coating option allows SDA to specifically design a product for an individual genre, such as Gothic, Heavy Metal, Punk, Alternative, Industrial, etc. by simply changing the color and bullet pattern of the belt targeted for that specific group. For example, they are making a belt for the Gothic crowd, powder coated with deep red shells, black tips and gloss black belt links. They even have a pink belt with chrome links and tips as a high end glam fashion accessory called "Paris Pink".

For more information, visit their web site at www.machinegunbelts.com.