Brooklyn Institute of Guitar (BIG NY)

BIG NY is a new, independent boutique music school in Brooklyn. Its focus is on teaching modern methods of guitar playing and encouraging students to be creative with the guitar rather than just simply learning an instrument. BIG NY will expose students to all kinds of guitar players and styles.

BIG NY is offering a choice of three group courses that last 8 weeks - Getting Started, Guitar Greats and Jazz for Idiots. Class sizes will be limited to 4 students per course so students get the maximum attention and opportunity to know their peers. Individual lessons are completely tailored to the student's requirements.

BIG NY is located in a professional studio complex so students can be exposed to the methods behind the madness. Rather than being in a conventional classroom, lessons will focus on a “show, not tell” approach to music lessons. Students will be given the opportunity to make new contacts, to share ideas and perhaps form their own bands.

BIG NY online ( provides students with a forum to showcase themselves to the industry and their peers. The “BIG UP!” blog will feature innovative guitar techniques and regular interviews with guitarists who are pushing the boundaries of creativity with their music. First up will be an interview with New York guitarist Wayne Krantz (

BIG NY courses are run out of Brooklyn's next musical creative hub – Gowanus – on Tuesdays & Thursdays at:
Flood Rehearsal Studios
Studio 1-7
23, 15th Street (cnr of 2nd Ave)
Brooklyn, New York, 11215