Brian Stoltz

God, Guns & Money

Considering that America has now been fighting the War on Terror in Iraq for well over two years under dubious pretenses, and with no end in sight, it’s pretty amazing that the musical community continues to go about its business with little mention of foreign affairs, let alone actually taking any kind of stand on the situation. Did the whole Dixie Chicks radio ban (and ensuing record-trashing frenzy) that resulted from their critical comments make musicians gun shy? Possibly, but not if the musician’s name is Brian Stoltz. The man best known as the guitarist for New Orleans’ Funky Meters recently released an entire concept album based on his opinion. On the ultra-groovy title track, Stoltz states, God, guns, and money is all some understand, but Jesus never walked around with a weapon in his hand. Other titles, including “The Greatest Armed Robbery in History” and “Chicken Hawk,” make Stoltz’s opinion crystal clear, and whether or not you agree with him, he deserves kudos for taking the time and effort to make a statement. Roots music hasn’t been politically relevant for far too long, and when it comes to protest albums, it’s hard to think of any so rife with greasy, bluesy guitar goodness as this one. Independent.