Breedlove Introduces New and Improved Atlas Series Guitars

Newly voiced instruments feature the all new LR Bagg’s Stage Pro Element pickup with stealthy chromatic tuner ...

The all new Breedlove Atlas Series comes in four packages: Stage, Studio, Solo and Retro designs. The newly voiced instruments feature the all new LR Bagg's Stage Pro Element pickup with stealthy chromatic tuner. We worked with Lloyd Baggs for over 5 years developing this pickup to be the best performing on-board pickup of its kind. Stylish Stage Pro controls include volume, EQ, notch, phase and fast battery access highly sought after by today's touring musicians. Lloyd Baggs explains, "The sound and combined performance features were previously unattainable, until now."

Each name implies the purpose of each design such as the Stage and Studio models. What's unexpected is a fully voiced "monitor" side sound hole on each Solo model. This sound hole projects a balanced sound directly to the player. Breedlove reports some players are already creating percussive effects with the body resonance. The body pitch can be changed by a fifth by covering both sound holes in a percussive style.

President, Peter Newport says, "We have been experimenting with voicing side sound holes for years and we feel the time is right for our clients to enjoy the unique performance of this feature." He continues, "Solo guitars are especially great for playing and songwriting in noisy environments such as tour busses, jam sessions, bars and coffee shops."

They believe that the "monitor" sound hole allows for a better connection to the subtleties of each instrument. The Stage, Studio and Solo models are all braced for balance and reinforced with the bridge truss to maximize sustain and dynamics.

The Atlas Series: Retro models follow the custom shop Revival and Roots Series and also feature the all new LR Bagg's Stage Pro pickup. Each are based upon traditional designs while the geometry is focused on balance and power for bluegrass and spanky blues.

These 2009 models will be In U.S. stores starting December 1st, 2008.

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