Body Rot and Spitfire Pedals Updated for 2005

Pro Tone Pedals recently announced some new features for its Body Rot and Spitfire metal distortion pedals.
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The Body Rot was created to deliver wicked sustain with tones that rival a stack of amps. New for 2005 is a tone control, offering a wide range of flavors. The Body Rot is priced at $119.

The Pro Tone Spitfire is a distortion pedal for a full range of rock to metal sounds and all points in between. The Spitfire's dynamics range from a soft clipped distortion all the way to a hard-driving crunch with just a few tweaks of the controls. New for 2005 is the Spitfire's tone control.

While most distortion units feature hi boost/cut tone circuits, the Spitfire’s new tone control acts more as a low range boost/cut. In addition, the Spitfire now features the magical mojo of the JRC4558 IC chip. The Spitfire is priced at $109.

Both pedals feature:

  • 9 volt battery or optional BOSS style adapter operation.
  • Stomp switch built to withstand 30,000 stomps.
  • Durable aluminum housing with an enamel finish.
  • Hand built Point to Point construction.
  • Color Coded LED for easy onstage identification

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