Blast Into Hyperspace With the Otherworldly Power of Shred Guitar!

Pioneered in the ’70s and perfected in the ’80s, shred guitar took the six-string to the outer limits of virtuosity. Combining speed, dexterity, precision, and power, the style vaporized preconceptions of what guitarists are capable of. Now that shred is back more and potent than ever, Backbeat Books unveils new vistas of velocity with Shred! The Ultimate Guide to Warp-Speed Guitar.

Offering insights from the entire speed-demon spectrum, Shred! reveals the style and technique of pioneers like Eddie Van Halen, Al DiMeola, and Ritchie Blackmore; iconic ’80s players like Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, and Randy Rhoads; and contemporary blaze mavens like Dimebag Darrell, Alexi Laiho, and Jon Donais. Lists of essential tracks guide readers to each player’s most shred-worthy recordings.

Hands-on lessons cover all of the tricky techniques shredders need to know—sweep picking, tapping, legato playing, whammy bar abuse, speed riffing, thrash chording, and more. Best of all, the book includes a CD packed with musical examples covered in the lessons.

Though the style is intimidating, Shred! breaks it all down and allows guitarists to tackle even the most difficult runs with ease. Rich Maloof is co-author of Backbeat’s The Way They Play series and a former editor in chief of Guitar Magazine.

Pete Prown is co-author of Backbeat’s Gear Secrets of the Guitar Legends and a contributing editor for Vintage Guitar magazine.

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