Blackbird Guitars Launches Carbon Fiber Hollow Neck Acoustic

The new Super-OM is the company's first full-size acoustic....

In their quest for ever-greater resonance, Blackbird Guitars are launching their first full-size acoustic. Dubbed the Super-OM for its physics-defying tonal power, and durability in a comfortable Orchestra Model (OM). Blackbird's proprietary one-piece, hollow body, neck, and head carbon-fiber construction transforms the entire guitar into a resonator-enhancing loudness, frequency-range and sustain while reducing resonance-robbing weight. The striking Asymmetric Acoustic Design with offset soundhole (patent-pending), maximizes resonance even more. With these innovations working in harmony, the Super-OM is among the most resonant and resilient acoustic guitars available.

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For Blackbird, the full-size Super-OM with its striking curvaceous design and 21 frets, is a departure from their iconic small-body Rider models. "Our clients really appreciate the big sound, portability and durability of our compact Rider models but wanted us to apply our holistic approach to maximizing resonance to a full-size guitar. The result is a sonic cannon that commands attention with super-powerful volume and bass response for chording yet articulated and nuanced mids and highs that make for a great fingerpicker as well.", explains founder Joe Luttwak. Like its small body siblings, the Super-OM also sports a hollow head with Stereo Sound Port which integrates with the all-hollow carbon-fiber one-piece construction, and the Super-OM exclusive Asymmetric Acoustic Design. The off-set sound-hole, located at soundboard edge where the waist of a conventional guitar would be, further enhances resonance with an increased vibrating area, light bracing and a nod to the traditional symmetrical form.

With a voice reminiscent of a larger dreadnought, the relaxed size of the Super-OM is a joy to play. The back of the instrument is highly contoured with multiple body cutaways to make for a very comfortable playing experience and easy access to the higher frets. The sculptural carbon fiber uni-body is nearly indestructible and offers a lifetime of worry-free playing and inspiration. Blackbird Super-OM with high-gloss carbon fiber finish will be available in March 2009 for a MSRP of $1899 or $2039 with electronics.

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