Billy Sheehan

“It’s all common sense and natural motions,” says rock bass superstar Billy Sheehan about his outrageous yet highly refined playing techniques. Years ago Sheehan introduced the world to his bass wizardry with Talas, David Lee Roth, and Mr. Big, and he’s just as busy today. He has a Prime Cuts collection out on Magna Carta, a second solo record out on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label, and works with Vai’s band on the G3 tour of extraordinary guitarists, and continues to perform and record with Niacin, the fusion trio he co-founded in the mid ’90s with drummer Dennis Chambers and organist John Novello. Sheehan’s heart-stopping moves and musicality have also been flooring audiences with Bx3, the tour with fellow monster bassists Jeff Berlin and Stuart Hamm, which resumes in January.
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