Billy Burnette

Memphis In Manhattan
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Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Billy Burnette sports rockabilly genes for days—his father and uncle made up two-thirds of the legendary Rock and Roll Trio (bassist Dorsey is his father and Johnny his uncle)—so it’s no surprise that Burnette’s Memphis In Manhattan is a stripped-down, rocking affair. And I mean stripped; as the record’s liner notes tout, “No overdubs, no compressors, no mixing boards.” So with a single stereo mic, Burnette and his lead guitarist—Nashville badass Kenny Vaughan—let ’er rip with in-your-face tones (Burnette’s Gibson Chet Atkins/Fender Vibrolux and Vaughan’s G&L Tele/Vox AC15 setups are gloriously captured) and inspired performances of rock classics (“Oh Well”) and rockabilly rave-ups (“Tear It Up”). Vaughan is exceptional on this record (which also features bassist David Roe and drummer George Ricelli), and props to Burnette for turning him loose! (Chesky). —Darrin Fox