Big Bends Nut Sauce(5)

Big Bends Nut Sauce ($19 retail/$14 street) is a proprietary blend of highly viscous synthetic lubricants, specifically formulated to reduce string friction when applied to guitar nuts, saddles, string trees, and other moving parts.

It’s dispensed from 1.5cc hypodermic-style precision applicators; Big Bends’ Jeff Massey says that’s enough to treat about a hundred guitars. To prove the Nut Sauce’s effectiveness, Massey built a mechanical string-bending machine and equipped it with a stroke counter. He says an untreated .009-string typically survives about 1,100 strokes, while a dab of Nut Sauce significantly extends string life for more than 12,000 strokes! I tried the Nut Sauce on a particularly troublesome Strat; it usually breaks an E-string (at the bridge) after about two hours of heavy playing, but with just one application of Nut Sauce, I’ve played three gigs and still haven’t broken a string—a new record! It’s great for Bigsbys and B-Benders too, as it reduces friction to help the strings return to their original pitch. Proven effective, and highly recommended.