Berklee College Of Music Teams With Line 6 To Equip Classrooms

Berklee College of Music announced today that it has equipped its guitar classrooms, lesson studios, and labs with guitar technology equipment from prominent studio and live music gear manufacturer, Line 6. The partnership signifies the beginning of a long-term vision focused on the advancement of guitar technology and its role in music education. Line 6 specializes in creating models of vintage and modern amplifiers and effects, and their new Variax series emulates classic guitars (electric and acoustic), as well as basses.
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Says Line 6 President, Mike Muench, "Through our partnering with Berklee, we can ensure that students have access to state-of-the-art guitar recording and performance products, and Line 6 can learn new ways to apply this technology to music creation from some of the most talented and dedicated musicians in the world. These insights can further fuel our ideas for new products in the future."

Berklee faculty has already begun to see the impact of Line 6 resources in their classes. "The speed with which a wide variety of useful sounds can be achieved has been of great value to the creative process, allowing our students to realize new musical ideas and production possibilities very efficiently," says Associate Professor of Guitar, Randy Roos. "I can safely say that the folks at Line 6, and their concept of modeling, have changed the landscape of modern recording."

Berklee also recently announced a partnership license with Propellerhead Software--a company distributed by Line 6 in the U.S.--that brought its Reason software onto all student laptops as well as all lab computers on the Berklee campus.

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