Bela D Media Intros Giovani Edition Children's Choir Library

The Giovani Edition is a dedicated children''s choir library, captured complete with 24-bit traditional church ambience.

Included in the library are:

  • Boys ensemble choir
  • Boys chamber choir
  • Girls ensemble choir
  • Girls chamber choir

Accompanying the Giovani Edition, Bela D Media introduces Vocal Control, a unique and proprietary software utility, designed to enable composers to build and play sentence-like phrases both quickly and intuitively. Vocal Control frees Giovani owners to combine complete or partial words from a pool of Latin vocal performances, as well as a series of custom moving vowel performances. Once a word or phrase is inputted into a Vocal Control phrase group, it can be played in real time with zero latency in virtually any tempo, any key and any melody.

Incorporated into Vocal Control is Bela D Media's new Legato Tool, a combination of software coding and sampler programming which routes data to either legato or non-legato patches in real time with zero latency depending on the software's analysis of the player's performance from moment to moment.

The Giovani Edition will initially be available in Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt 2 formats. Future releases are planned for Tascam's GS3 and GigaStudio 2.5 and Steinberg's HALion 3 and HALion 2.

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