Beginning Rock Guitar - "The Basic Building Blocks of Good Guitar Playing" is the Ultimate Beginner Instructional DVD

Offering any beginning guitarist, electric or acoustic, the information needed for a solid foundation in becoming an accomplished guitarist regardless of what style music you play.

"The Basic Building Blocks of Good Guitar Playin" was created from my 20+ years of teaching private guitar lessons. Addressing the most common problems in technique, learning the most used chords, scales and other basic information filling in the gaps not covered in other instructional DVDs and videos.

Some of the features and benefits are:

* How to properly hold the Guitar

* Left hand placement

* Position playing

* Economy of motion with both left hand, and right hand picking techniques with close up shots and detailed explanation to build speed

* How to read chord charts with a direct correlation to the guitar neck

* The most important and frequently used open Major and Minor chords

* Power rock chords

* Practice chord progressions examples using both open and power chords

* How to play along and count to a drummer or metronome.

* Left hand and right hand muting techniques to keep unwanted strings from ringing out

* Synchronization exercises

* How to read guitar tablature

* Movable Chord forms using barring

* Barring technique and tips

* Scale construction

* Half steps, whole steps, and octaves

* Major and Minor scales in 2 octaves

* Minor Pentatonic scale in 2 octaves plus one note.

* Hammer ons, pull offs, and trills

* Building finger independence using legato techniques

* How to develop a practice routine to get the most out of your practice sessions

Finally, Jim plays an awe inspirational demo at the end using some of the scales, chords, and techniques covered in the DVD.

Level : Beginner to Intermediate.

Styles: Applicable to ALL styles electric or acoustic

Running time : 1 hr 45 min

M.S.R.P. $49.95
M.A.P. $34.95 + $4.95 S+H (domestic) $10.00 S+H (international)
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Beginning Rock Guitar - The Basic Building Blocks of Good Guitar Playing is the first of instructional DVDs to give any guitar player the knowledge to becoming a well rounded player. Check back often for future DVDs.