BBE Soul Vibe

Patterned on the original Uni-Vibe, the more streamlined Soul Vibe ($189 retail/$129 street) features an analog phase-shifting circuit that uses opto couplers instead of the pulsating light bulb and quartet of photo resistors that the old Uni-Vibe—and many of its modern descendents—relied on. The Soul Vibe sports Speed and Depth controls, true bypass switching, and is powered by a 9-volt battery located in an easy-access compartment on the bottom. An AC adapter is also included.

The soulful-looking dude gracing the aluminum housing hints at what’s in store when you plug in the Soul Vibe. Uni-Vibes are known for their uniquely chewy phasing sound, and the Soul Vibe’s wide-ranging Intensity control makes it easy to produce everything from subtle to seriously heavy effects. At slow to medium speeds, and with the Intensity control near the halfway point, the textures are deep and, ahem, vibey with great psychedelic color. Faster Speed settings yield more rotary-style textures, while higher Intensity levels really bring out the inherently wobbly sound of this classic effect.

Gets to the heart of the Uni-Vibe sound. Quiet operation. Internal trimpot allows you to adjust the response in the high or low ranges.


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