BBE Sonic Stomp

Boasting the same sonic performance as BBE’s state-of-the-art fourth-generation rackmount Sonic Maximizer processors, the Sonic Stomp pedal ($180 retail/$100 street) features a rugged cast-aluminum housing, true-bypass switching, and a convenient 9-volt battery hatch (an external 9-volt power supply is also included).
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As with the rackmount models, the heart of the Sonic Stomp is BBE’s special 20-pin IC chip. Instead of adding artificial harmonic content like most exciters or enhancers, the BBE process simply adjusts the phase relationships of the low, mid, and high frequencies to counteract the detail-smearing phase shift that’s inherently produced by your speakers. I found the Sonic Stomp improved the tone of a wide variety of guitars and amps, and was equally well suited for clean or high-gain tones. Single coils were rendered fatter yet more articulate, while humbuckers sounded simultaneously crisper and warmer. Clean tones were better focused with more sparkle and chime, crunch tones had more bite and grind, and there was a noticeable improvement in high-gain attack definition on single lines and better note separation when playing chords. In short, there isn’t a tone or rig that couldn’t benefit from the Sonic Stomp’s magic—it would be a welcome addition to the most complete pedal arsenal.